Diana Dors: Swingin’ Dors

“Swingin' Dors is wonderful stuff, the sound of Julie London after six dirty Martinis and a romp behind some heavy velvet curtains... Bringing clout as well as camp to the party, Dors sounds sharp, smart and in control at all times.”
The Word

“At the peak of her career, the busomic beauty recorded Swingin' Dors, an album that had Dors' detractors spilling beverages down their fronts and eating their collective hats. Re-released as a deluxe limited edition vinyl LP and a CD digipack, the album's most recent incarnation is accompanied by a 12-page booklet containing one or two hitherto unseen photos; reason enough to get it.”
The Crack

“A return to the era of blonde bombshell brilliance. In truth, the continuing appeal of this well-dressed offering is down to Angela Morley, who in those days was known as Wally Stott, a British arranger and big band leader…the material selected for this was nigh faultless and all the one-time Diana Fluck had to do was phrase beautifully and swing as if she'd been part of the big band scene all her life. Which is exactly what she did. Say hello to an underrated classic of its time.”
four starsMojo

“For those who've never had the pleasure, Swingin' Dors is just how you'd expect: well played swing, ever so blue, with Dors singing exactly how you'd expect.”
three starsRecord Collector


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