Real Life Permanent Dreams
Castle Music CMXBX 1239

“Compiled by RC stalwart David Wells, this is exactly the sort of quality you'd expect from the principal writer for our old A-Z Of Psychedelia. Dividing its 99 tracks across four themed CDs, Real Life Permanent Dreams provides a magic carpet ride through British psychedelia from 1965-70, beginning with freakbeat and ending in prog. It puts a quart into a pint pot with élan.

Although there is a sweet abundance of those who put the power in flower (The Kinks, Small Faces, Donovan, Status Quo, their earlier incarnation The Traffic Jam and The Nice), the hardcore collector's oddities provide the true meat of the matter. Between Our Plastic Dream ('Encapsulated Marigold'), Paper Blitz Tissue ('Boy Meets Girl') and The Rokes ('When The Wind Arises'), you've tidied up several hundred quid's worth of rarities.

Disc Three, titled Happydaystoytown, is the most satisfying, exploring the explosion of popsike: how acid reduces everyone to childlike introspection, with the new, snappy, generic beat. Some may argue that it's incomplete without the Floyd, Fabs or Jimi Hendrix Experience, but that would be churlish. This is arguably the most important box set of the year, and should be cherished for the education and enjoyment it provides. If you've ever wondered where to start with this mind-boggling genre, this is the place.”

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