Rockin' Rollin' favourites for kids of all ages

Snapper Music SROLLCD501
Real Wild Child

“I spotted this on one of my regular trips to Sainsbury's and couldn't help but check out the tracklisting. At first it seemed like just another of those ten-a-penny compilations that adorn supermarkets, garages, bookshops and haberdashery emporiums these days. However, once past the usual suspects - Cochran, Holly, Richard, Presley, Haley etc. - I noticed this was not just your average 'oldies' collection. For there, nestled amongst the genre's giants, was dear old Carson Robison's 'Rockin' And Rollin' With Grandmaw' - one of the left-field hits of the 1970s Rockabilly 'revival'. When I spied Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones' 'Black Slacks', Don Woody's 'You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree' and Ronnie Self's throat-stripping 'Bop-A-Lena', I realised someone in the know must have put this together. And they did - the delightful Sam Szczepanski, producer of many a fine compilation. Hopefully others will have a similar 'supermarket' experience to me and snap up this little 50-track wonder.” Trevor Cajiao, Now Dig This

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